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West Side Destination strives to drive tourism by focusing on two key aspects: a high-end and elite code of conduct, and, incorporating the laid-back-free spirit feeling of the West into the life of the tourist's adventurous experience

*All tours depart from San Juan Area and Hotels

West Side Destination LLC was founded in April of 2017. The founding members are Roberto Rivera-Saavedra and Carlos Paralitici-Buitrago. It was around two years before it’s foundation that the idea of WSD was formed. Both, working in different areas of tourism, one driving tourists and taking them on their adventures, while the other was assisting the tourists in selecting their adventures and managing to connect them with operators. Each needed the other to make possible the dream adventure the tourists crave for.

Through their experience they knew that tourism has long so focused on the North and East of Puerto Rico, forgetting about the unadulterated wonders the Center, South and West areas provide. They set forward a course to grow and show the wonderful adventures the westside has to offer and later on WSD was born.

WSD strives to deliver customized adventures to each and every tourist with a specialized and personalized service. The company has the sole purpose to assist and create the greatest experience of Puerto Rico through connections with restaurants, hotels, tour providers, fisherman, captains, pilots and many other tourism resources from our unique industry network.

Take advantage of our vast local knowledge by letting us offer the best customized concierge experience on the island. Join us as we provide your exclusive dream adventure, while we journey through our gorgeous island of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico.

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