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Carlos Paralitici-Buitrago

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. From an early age my passion for knowledge was great which I mainly focused on enriching with culture and books. Later on I focused on the studies of Economy and a bit of Politics in Puerto Rico, always showing great skills and ability to learn and practice. Through reading and a love of adventure I polished myself in everything Puerto Rico and through my love of the island I grew a need to show people it’s wonders. At the age of 22 started working in the transportation and tourism industry at one of the top companies in Puerto Rico. Learned the way and bettered my abilities while working with elite guests from the Isla Verde Ritz Carlton amongst other prestige properties. 

Roberto Rivera-Saavedra

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I’ve had a sincere passion for enjoying sports, leisure and outdoor activities all together. I found pleasure in helping and serving others while learning with each experience about myself as individual, my roots as a native Puerto Rican and the world we share through the rich history that it provides. Pursued my studies in science, but discovered along the way a genuine interest in arts (dance, music, paintings), gastronomy (mixology, cooking) and history (traveling, social interaction). After engaging with the public throughout various life opportunities, I became a dynamic team leader concierge, tours sales agent & tour operator, through excellent customer-centric services and expertise in Puerto Rico’s food and beverage’s, hospitality and tourism industry.